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Cookie Rescue (disney Handy Manny)

Reviews 4 Stars
Cookie Rescue

Disney Press

ISBN: 1423110269
Author: Susan Ring

Cookie Rescue (disney Handy Manny) is a must own book. The author is Susan Ring and it was published in February of 2008 by Disney Press. In the Dewey Decimal Classification number is M. This is the First Edition. has 24 pages. For the greatest offer for this kids book in addition to other items, visit our store button below.

Manny at the same time as the tools are on the strategy to Mrs. Portillo's house for some of her delicious homemade cookies.     The reward for all their tough perform? Manny also as the tools are on the case adjusting Mrs. Portillo's doors so they can fit the new oven inside the property. There is just a single problem — Mrs. Portillo's oven have broken and her new 1 is stuck outside on her porch. Preschoolers will find reading easy with this   Pre-Level 1 Early Reader. All the freshly baked cookies they can eat!


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