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Handy Manny: Firehouse Tools (handy Mandy)

Reviews 4 Stars
Handy Manny Firehouse Tools

Disney Press

Author: Marcy Kelman

Shopping to buy a great book? Handy Manny: Firehouse Tools (handy Mandy) written by Marcy Kelman is a fantastic book. Written by Marcy Kelman and it was published in July of 2008 by Disney Press. The kids book is 16 pages long, click the hyperlink below.

When the siren on Sheet Rock Hills' biggest fire truck breaks, it spells disaster for the town. With teamwork and cooperation, they get the siren back in shape and learn the worth of community service. Luckily Manny and also the tools are on the case. Young readers will have fun lifting the flaps to support Manny fix the siren and save the day.


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