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Handy Manny: Oscar's House Of Smoothies (disney Handy Manny)

Reviews 4 Stars
Handy Manny Oscars House Of Smoothies

Disney Press

ISBN: 1423114485
Author: Marcy Kelman

Let me share with you an excellent children book titled Handy Manny: Oscar's House Of Smoothies . Written by Marcy Kelman and the publisher is Disney Press. This book was available on bookshelves in October of 2008. The book is intended for ages 36 months and up, and is all about Tools and it is thought to be exceptional juvenile fiction. This version is the 1st ed. of the children book is 24 pages long. It emphasizes Smoothies, Restaurants and Repairing. The book is 7.68" Height x 0.13" Length x 7.85" Width. It weighs something like 0.15 lbs. To get the same low price I found, check out the add to shopping cart button.

Whilst Manny along with the tools are repairing the counter at Oscar's House of 25 Smoothies, the tools notice that Oscar has created a mistake - he only has 24 smoothies on the menu!   Join the tools as they help Oscar concoct a distinct 25th flavor in this tasty new tale.  


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