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The Loparts Learn To Share (handy Manny (8X8))

Reviews 5 Stars
Loparts Learn To Share

Disney Press

ISBN: 1423117689
Author: Walt Disney Company

Children love The Loparts Learn To Share (handy Manny (8X8)) . The author is Walt Disney Company and the publisher is Disney Press. This kids book became available sometime in August of 2009. The book has 24 pages. To see the discount I found, click on the link on this site.

Today will probably be the   Sheet Rock Hills Soapbox Derby, and   Manny and the tools are helping Manny's nephew, Pepe, construct a auto. Mr. Lopart and his twin nephews Lyle and Leland are entering the race, too.   Lyle and Leland rapidly learn about teamwork once they find they need help from Manny and his crew. Can Manny in addition to the tools aid Lyle and Leland and nevertheless have enough time to fix their very own car? Race towards the finish using the story to locate out who will win the trophy!


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