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Pinata Party (handy Manny, Level 1)

Reviews 4 Stars
Pinata Party

Disney Press

ISBN: 1423110277
Author: Susan Ring

"The tools are throwing a very special surprise party for Manny's birthday. They can't wait to hang the big piñata filled with toys and candy."--P. of cover.
Piñata Party is a must own book. The author is Susan Ring and it was published in August of 2008 by Disney Press. The children book is for ages 36 months+ and is mostly about Manny, Handy and is thought of as outstanding juvenile fiction. The children book has 24 pages and it incorporates a good number of colorfully illustrated pages. Playhouse Disney on Disney Channel.

Feliz cumplea ñ os, Manny!     Young readers will have a blast learning to study with this Level 1 early reader adventure.   But before they can start the party, Manny gets a call — the Wood Valley bike race is today, and also the bike shop's air pump is broken.   They can't fill any of the tires!   Today is Manny's birthday, and the Tools are ready to celebrate getting a big pi ñ ata complete of candy.   Manny and also the tools rush towards the shop to fix the pump, but will they make it back in time for the big birthday fiesta?


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