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Sinko De Mayo (disney Handy Manny)

Reviews 4 Stars
Sinko De Mayo

Disney Press

ISBN: 1423110218
Author: Marcy Kelman

Manny and his talking tools help out when Mrs. Portillo's sink gets blocked and she cannot wash the apples that she needs to make her special empanadas for the Cinco de Mayo party.
Children love Sinko De Mayo (disney Handy Manny) by Marcy Kelman. The author is Marcy Kelman and it was published on the 26th of February, 2008 by Disney Press. The book is intended for ages 36 months and up and is related to Plumbers along with Parties, Mexican Americans, Tools, Repairing and Cinco de Mayo and it is thought of as outstanding juvenile fiction. This is the 1st ed. of the children book has 16 pages and it offers several colorfully illustrated pages. A lift-the-flap book. Obtain a copy of this book, visit our partners via the link below.

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and Mrs. Portillo is organizing a big fiesta in honor with all of the special day. But before the party she calls Manny in a panic— her sink is broken so she can't wash the fruit for her homemade empenadas. In this great introduction to Mexican culture, children will learn new Spanish vocabulary and celebrate in a mariachi dnace with Manny as nicely as the tools. Join Manny and the tools as they work to fix the sink in time for the party.


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