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Tools For Toys (disney Handy Manny)

Reviews 4 Stars
Tools For Toys

Disney Press

ISBN: 1423110293
Author: Marcy Kelman

Written by Marcy Kelman and it was published in October of 2008 by Disney Press. The kids book is for ages 36 months+ and is all about Toys along with Tools and it is regarded as smart fiction. This version is the 1st ed. of the children book is 24 pages long and it provides you with various amazingly colored illustrations. The book is 6.44"H x 0.07"L x 7.81"W. It weighs something like 0.15 lbs. To get your personal copy of this kids book, click on our partners via the link below.

Manny has been called upon to fix Mr. Singh's daughter's swingset.     While Manny works on the swingset, the tools get to realize the young girl, and become her new playmates. When Manny and the tools arrive they discover that Mr. Singh is much to busy to play with his daughter.


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